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Fix Me

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“An authentic suffering is worth more than an illusory happiness” Emmanuel

Photography is an art form that is commonly used to tell stories. Those can be
stories of others, or stories of that one who is behind the lens. For the first time,
I have utilized my camera to narrate with images a specific part of my life.

I still remember the shock that I felt the first time I crossed those cold, steel
doors. Being on the other side produced a feeling so strange in me that I still
struggle to find the words to describe the experience.

We didn’t belong in that place. Fear, sadness, somber. It wasn’t a scene from a
movie, it was real life, and it was my life.

It is said that once you live through an experience, living through it for a second
time can be easier. I wouldn’t say such a thing. What I can assure you is that my
life was transformed forever by being so close to unfortunate events that
someone so close to myself has suffered, such as accidents, a temporary
detention and several periods of psychiatric isolation.

My work has been characterized for showing the beauty in simple things, and
from there I’ve attempted to construct visual poetry. However, Fix Me has
allowed me to explore the somber side of my life and my own experiences in it
while trying to preserve an artistic drive.

The technical decisions to create this series had to be adapted to each situation.
Some images were taken on iPhone due to the fact that the use of a camera
would’ve been an invasive and disrespectful act to the occurrences happening
in front of me. Such sensitivity was required in order to obtain the rawest
portrayal of such unfortunate events.

Fix Me develops a story in which the presence of the human being is powerful,
even when there is no human subject to portrait. In an experience such as this
one, everyone begins to disappear and I find myself alone, again, and again,
crossing those cold, steel doors.