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Ephemeral Beauty

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The urge to photograph and the urge to capture flowers using different settings, techniques and resources have been an attempt to interpret the sensations on my skin visually. However, the more I photographed my subjects, the more the project evolved from a work strictly for myself to a conscious creative series with a wider range of motivations. 

A search for contrasting colors, flowing tones, and abstraction has led me to the unexplored, the endless possibility of discovering the profound beauty of the natural forms that surrounds us. Definitively, the medium of photography has allowed me to approach the deepest connections between the mystery of nature and ourselves that we can experience. In other words, it has brought me a sensitive perception of my inner world. 

Images are powerful. The process of creating all the photographs for this series has been an introspective journey in which I have learned how an image enables us to connect psyche and emotions. Beyond this, flowers have stimulated me to explore the sense of life as a whole.